Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana hosted round 11 of the 2012 AMA Supercross Series on St. Patrick’s Day evening, and the Indy fans came out in droves as nearly 60,000 people piled into the massive dome to take in the action. Excited to be in Indy after a convincing win in Daytona the week prior, James looked great aboard his JGRMX Yamaha during the day’s practice sessions, but was unfortunately forced to retire from the event early after a gnarly heat race crash.

When the gate dropped for the first Supercross-class heat of the night, James jumped out to a solid top-five start, but after a spinning his rear wheel off the face of a jump heading into the tracks’ first rhythm section, he unfortunately went down hard. During the crash, JS7 got smacked in the head by another rider’s rear wheel, and after lying on the stadium floor for several laps, was eventually taken off the track aboard the Asterisk medical Mule. After being closely examined by the Asterisk doctors back in the pits, it was later determined that James had suffered a concussion, and he and his crew made the wise decision to call it a night.

James is hopeful to return to the series next weekend in Toronto, but will visit with his doctors back in Florida on Monday for further evaluation. You’ll be the first to receive updates regarding James’ health as they come in, but until then, enjoy a few shots from earlier in the day in Indy to help get you through the week…



  1. #07MotoXMom says:

    Its not over until its over. You never know what can happen in motocross, don’t count James out just yet. Hope the Stewarts race the outdoors, we go to the one @ Budds Creek Fathers day weekend. Our 13 year old races & is a loyal fan of # 7.

    • Courtney says:

      Interesting that your kid has a felon for an idol. Even more interesting is that you condone it. Tell us, are you planning on buying some blue lights so he can be just like his hero?
      Yes, it would be interesting to see how many time the thug brothers would crash…

      • 07MotoXMom says:

        @ Courtney

        Our son is a fine young man, MX racing has helped him in more ways than one, in his self confidence, his school work, his social skills & his overall fitness as well. Many kids his age are walking the streets, smoking dope & getting in trouble due in part to not being involved in sports. MX racing is a sport. How many Athletes have you heard that have done really stupid stuff, althetes in football, baseball etc, many times its for murder or drugs, far worse than what James did. Our son saw & heard what James did & knows how wrong it was but also heard how sorry James was about it. Our son has a very good head on his shoulders, so don’t you dare tell me what I condone or don’t condone. You need to get out of that bubble your in. Actually stop watching MX racing, we don’t need people out there like you.

  2. Courtney says:

    Any takers on when the next time will be when stewie pile-drives the bike yet again? He is now known as the “Fastest Crash Test Dummy.”

    • Jason says:

      Actually he is not known as the “Fastest Crash Test Dummy.” You alone have coined this phrase and other than the tiny community on this site, no one has heard of this name you made up. Again, Phony Courtney is guilty of coming on here and spouting false information. Lame.

  3. Kurtis says:

    Get off that yz450f. Of them all it handles the worst and has the strangest power. 450s are great for most of these guys but your ride so close to the edge I honestly think you would be better off on the lighter 250 2t. I loved watching you throw around the 125s and 250s while turning insane lap times against 250fs and 450s. That was as late as 2006.. and you were winning everything. The fastest man on 2 wheels needs a race bike not a tractor.

    Watching the 450s go around lately is mind numbing.

    • Courtney says:

      And yet another bike excuse!! AMAZING!!! So, all that testing/setting up/whatever that JGR and the buck-toothed bobble head did over pre-season didn’t reveal any of this? Get real and quit with the bike excuses!

      • Kurtis says:

        Do you ride? Those Yzs are heavy and awkward. I’m 6’1.5 230lbs and they feel heavy and hard to move
        in the air to me. The Crfs and Kxs feel a lot better. Crfs handle the best, Kxs have the best power so its a wash.
        The Yzs literally have nothing going for them other than their engines last forever. Which in Pro racing counts for nothing
        I can only imagine what it feels like for someone who is 5’7 and 160lbs. Its just not a good fit for Stewart.

        • Courtney says:

          As a matter of fact, I do. But the real question remains, if – as you say – the bike has been the problem all along (heaven forbid it CAN’T be the rider), then why weren’t those problems addressed during pre-season. You can’t tell us that the magical buck-toothed wonder didn’t know this, especially when this is his second year on the bike…or did they just mysteriously appear?

          • Kurtis says:

            Obviously Yamaha was the only one willing to pay him what he wanted. Its sad that it came down to the money.

            That is why I say screw the cash and get on something he can win with. There is no question he is the fastest rider out there, but there is no consistency anymore.

            As far as the bike goes ride one and you’ll see its just not a fit for a smaller rider.

            All I am saying is James should ditch the bike and give something else a try before he kills the rest of his legacy.

  4. Jason says:

    Where can I get one of those James Stewart blow up dolls?

  5. BERMY GIRL says:

    Get well soon JS7. Was a miss not to see you on the starting gate for the lcq and then the main. I know you had to be seriously hurt not to go back out there. Although you have a lot of people hating on you there are also a whole lot of people rooting for you too. You will always be my Family’s number one rider. Remember everyone hits rock bottom before the get back to the top. Hopefully this is your rock bottom. We have faith that you will return to the great Rider you are and show these haters that you truly are the best. you just have to keep the faith. Hopefully you get the all clear to ride this weekend and we will be tuned in waiting to see you on the starting gate.

    Your Bermuda Fans

  6. Courtney says:

    I would like to say that I am the real Courtney. The one on here that has the blow-up James Stewart doll and truly believes that the only reason RV can win the championship is because all contenders are injured is an imposter. I am the real one.

  7. Courtney says:

    @Jason Thank You for all your support !!! Is it not amazing that I can post while I am asleep.
    For someone who wishes another person dies is just an ignorant sick-o. But there is the saying”Karma is a B@tch”
    He also pretends to be cycleguy who is a James fan and a really cool guy.

    Have a Great Day Jason !!!!

    James Stewart Fan for Life !!!!

  8. Cliff Claven says:

    Did you know that Gloria comes from the Latin Gloriaski? It’s an expression of surprise. It was made popular during the depression by the round-eyed wafe, Little Orphan Annie. You know, it’s no mistake that she didn’t have any pupils in her eyes…

  9. Courtney says:

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    Buck sweep
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  10. Retire man says:

    No hate coming from me but I have to say that I’m tired of seeing Big James in every shot. He needs to step back, he doesn’t race so more out of the way. The real reason JS7 is going threw these problems is because of Big James. Since when does the parent make a decision for his Professional son. This isn’t amature racing. JS7 has to realize that his dad has to take a back seat and let the real professionals handle James. because he raised him doesn’t mean that he is a professional trainer. Talent is talent so what Big james is doing is holding JS7 back. Sit the F**k down Big James so we can watch so racing.

    JS7 still the fastest man on the planet.

  11. Cliff Claven says:

    Hello again, dear kool aid drinkers! I am back from TAD – hope you missed me!

    Without futher interuption, here is todays tidbit:

    In the future telephones will be obsolete. People will communicate telekinetically using part of their brain known as the cerebral cortex that is heretofore untapped.

    • Jason says:

      You never left! We all know you are Phony Courtney. Totally lame. Again, you are just trying to give the illusion that there are more than 1 person on this site actively posting negative comments, bad mouthing the fans and posting mindless dribble.

    • Gee Mr. Science says:

      My dear friend Cliff, welcome back. It seems that Courtney’s are reproducing like rabbits! I do hope to hear from you at my BOO-WA. Since you have been away, you might not have heard, Bubba fall down!

      Your only true friend on the site of the Bubba lover,

  12. I’m sorry to say this but stewart you are a goon now….. we all know what your issue is its the stupid bike you use there was a reason JGR only got 1 win….. WAKE UP LEAVE JGR ITS YOUR ONLY HOPE WE ALL KNOW U CRASH ALOT BUT U CRASH WAY TO MUCH….. you dont deserve the number 7 anymore im sorry…. your ex number 1 fan

  13. Who is Bubba? says:

    James Maitland Stewart was born on 20 May 1908 in Indiana, Pennsylvania where his father owned a hardware store. He was educated at a local prep school, Mercersburg Academy, where he was a keen athlete (football and track), musician (singing and accordion playing) and sometime actor. He won a place at Princeton in 1929 where he studied architecture with some success and became further involved with the performing arts as a musician and actor with the University Players.

    After graduation, engagements with the University Players took him around the US North East, including a run on Broadway in 1932 but work dried up as the Great Depression deepened and it wasn’t until 1934, when he followed his friend Henry Fonda to Hollywood, that things began to pick up.

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    Having learned to fly in 1935, he was drafted into the US Army as a private in 1940 (after twice failing the medical for being underweight) and during the course of World War II rose to the rank of Colonel, first as an instructor at home in the US, and later on combat missions in Europe. He remained involved with the US Air Force Reserve after the war and retired in 1959 as a Brigadier General.

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    He continued to work into the 1990s and died at the age of 89 in 1997.

  14. Robert says:

    Ok, I don’t pull for bubba, but I’m not getting why all the angry bubba haters??? So, he crashes, but he is still one of the fastest riders on the tack. Don’t get it? He is what he is. He’s won championships, they don’t give those away. Now I know this post will open me up to some hate, which is fine by me, cause I dont give a rip. Get a life, come on people!!!! I wanna say more to push all the hater buttons, but i want. to easy to push I guess.

  15. Courtney says:

    @want-to-be Courtney your post are getting weaker and weaker everytime your ignorant ass post. You might want to take some time off due to the fact that your post are all the same week after week.

    James Stewart Fan for Life !!!!!

  16. Bubba Fall Down! says:

    Bubba Fall Down Bubba Fall Down Bubba Fall Down Bubba Fall Down Bubba Fall Down Bubba Fall Down Bubba Fall Down Bubba Fall Down Bubba Fall Down Bubba Fall Down Bubba Fall Down Bubba Fall Down Bubba Fall Down Bubba Fall Down

  17. Please People says:

    Now Rick and Courtney I must say, the language you are using is quite repulsive. Try to use more fitting words such as loser, has been, crash test dummy, excuse creator, you get the idea. There are impressionable JS7 non fans enjoying your humorous illusions that may pick up your childish ways.

    Bubba fall down.

  18. Should of been a cowby says:


  19. Courtney says:

    What is the excuse this week for that loser?

  20. Courtney says:

    Another one bites the dust! Bwuhahahaha

  21. Courtney says:

    Let’s take a look at how many crashes the self-proclaimed fastest man on the planet has… McGrath’s or the GOAT’s records are not in jeopardy in the least. Well, at least he can win the “Sir Crash Alot” award. This f*cking idiot needs to go…

    • Jason says:

      Actually you need to go phony Courtney. You come on here constantly creating new screen names for yourself trying to give the illusion that there are more than 1 person on here bad mouthing James and his fans. You aren’t fooling anyone.
      “Phony” Courtney. Also know as :
      - Who Is Bubba?
      - I want to be a Courtney too
      - Courtney III
      - Bubba Fall Down
      - Please People
      - Should have been a cowboy
      - What you say Willis?
      and on and on it goes. Very lame.

      • RV fan says:

        What about rick and RV fan….are we also the phony Courtney?? Has it ever crossed your mind that there may be a lot of people that do not like James Stewart? I personally do not understand how anyone could still be his fan but to each his own.

  22. rick says:

    too bad you didn’t die. try harder ok!!!!!

  23. Thomas says:

    get well soon james ill be so mad if your not in torotno the one race im going to this year

  24. levi says:

    We wil see James on that top step of the potiam next week with hopefully Vilipoto not on the potiam.
    James you are really strong we all belive in you.The only reason you lost it was because that track was so slick,and your tire got no tracktion.GET WELL JAMES BUBBA STEWART.

  25. Jake says:


    I completely agree with you JS comes out and says he’s after MC’s record but it doesn’t seem he has the determination for it. I am not at all bashing RV or his abilities, and to come off his injuries and take the title last year was amazing he is a great rider and so is CR I hope he gets better soon and comes back to be competitive again. JS proves in practice, heats and qualifying that he can lay down rediculously fast lap times but it seems he just can’t put it all together for the main this year. He is amazing to watch however because you know every time he goes out he is giving it everything he’s got.

  26. mxridah says:

    It sucks to say this but JS is no longer the fastest man on the planet. RV is and he’s proven it week in and week out. James Stewart is the reason I got into mx. He made it exciting to watch before he got injured a few years ago. Since then, mx and superx has been pretty boring. JS doesn’t seem to be hungry anymore. That’s why RV is at the top. He’s hungry and has a solid work ethic(so it seems). Hopefully JS will get hungry again and get back to where he was when i first got into mx. …just my 2 cents.

  27. Jake says:

    To all te people bashing on JS seriously find something better to do with your time. The man goes out every week and gives it his all. You know when I was growing up riding I was told if you don’t crash you aren’t pushing it hard enough. He is giving it everything he has and most of his crashes are unfortunate incidents that just happen and in this sport when those things do happen you usually go down or get hurt. I don’t see any of the bashers out there doing this. And to come on his site and talk trash is rediculous. I have met all of the top riders in the sport at the moment and the only one that was not a conceded piece of work was James. He is out there for the fans no matter what any of you say. To be at the top of any sport you have to have confidence and he has proven with his lap times that he is the fastest man alive. I mean come on when RV came out in the opening of the Phoenix supercross all his song said was here comes the champ. Talk about conceded. Two years ago CR intentionally took JS out in a corner after he was already hurt and then punched him in the helmet. Stop bashing the man and give him props for what he is capable of. I hope you get well soon James

  28. northern bubba fan says:

    Seriously, I get a kick out of the negative comments from the people who have never thrown a leg over a bike , dissin Bubba for still given her every weekend , and honestly if you people did race im glad I never met you because you have real issues that you need to address. We all know those comments are bullshit so … Be cool James and stay focused . We will see you in Vegas .

  29. Ernesto says:

    AUGURI JAMES,a prestissimo

  30. Collin says:

    well love or hate james hes the one thats out there making millions each year riding his dirtbike ,and has all the fame unlike all the haters on here ,oh and i forgot to mention his own tv show and all the sponserss which the haters dont have once again so you all can say what you want , im pretty sure it doesnt bother him….. GET WELL SOON JAMES!!

  31. Richard says:

    James get well soon. Pay no attention to these neer de wells who seem to know how a pro athlete like yourself should compete. It’s like this in every sport the armchair racers come out of the woodwork. So far this season has been full of surprises, hope you finish out the season healthy and positive about what you give to this sport.

    • Retire man says:

      OK really, why do so many people want to see JS7 hurt or losing. Self centered what the F**k? In my opinion he does to much for the fans and the sport. Do any other rides have dinner with the fans EVERY WEEK? Lets think about it, RV2 got the championships handed to him last year by Dungy. Supercross and Motocross, I’ll give it to him that it’s just been his year. But Chad was going to beat him anyway if he didn’t get hurt, and to top it off he would have taken him out one way or another bc Reed don’t play that. JS7 lap times are the same as RV2 ,so speed aint a factor its the starts. Now once again RV2 will get a freebee.

    • Courtney says:

      And out of jail!

  32. Henry narkievich says:

    RIck your a idiot. James is always about the fans. And for someone that doesn’t like him you sure are paying close attention to him. Oh and learn to spell dumb ass!!

  33. Agent Top End says:

    James keep smiling and riding at 110% like always.

  34. Steve says:

    Mr. Stewart, we were at the event. The air went out of the building when you went down. The energy of the crowd never recovered. That tells me, love you or hate you, you bring something to the sport that creates excitement. Get well.

  35. tony 222 says:

    The supercross season has been the biggest let down EVER! All the best riders are injured and its been pretty boring to be honest! Villopoto is dominating and thats not his fault but with no competition he will slow up and when Barcia and the new breed come through he will get smoked also. The outdoors will probably be the same. The best Motocross racing anyone will see this year will be the MX1 and MX World Motocross Championship. Desalle, Paulin, Cairoil, Frossard, Herlings, Searle to name a few. Villopoto will get blown out of the water when he rides the motocross of nations this year at the Worlds toughest motocross track!

    • Logan says:

      You must be watching different riders than I am. I you think Poto or James would get dominated at world you need a reality check. USA!!! Best riders in the world. Always

    • MX4LIFE says:

      Supercross sucks this year with everyone hurt. But thats the way our sport goes sometimes. Next year with BAM BAM coming up to the big bikes will be good. There is so much talent coming up through the ranks right now, look at the amature rider Adam C. This kid is going to be the next Carmichael….Just watch and see. As far as the MX nations, RV will dominate as always. Just not sure who else will run the MX2 class besides Barcia. The go pro showed that Bubba really got his bell rung when he went down in front of KDUB. Get well soon James

  36. Todd says:

    Get better soon James! Always pulling for ya!

  37. rick says:

    Too bad you are not out for the seson. This sport nees less selfcentered guys like you. You are NOT for your fans you are all for yourself. Too bad this will not make it to the postimg. The sooner you are out of this sport the better.

    • RV fan says:

      I AGREE! I cannot stand the self centered a**hole! And I am so tired of hearing that he is the fastest man on the planet…..really??? Who is winning? James Stewart is washed up, he cannot even stay on 2 wheels any more. I love that his fans are still backing him up but to say he is “all about the fans” and “a clean rider” is the furthest thing from the truth! His motto is if he cant beat them fairly to take them out of the race, how is that clean? He caves when he has competition and there was plenty of it at the beginning of the season that’s why he crashed so much. The only way he can win is to get out front and not be challenged (which is not going to happen with the group of riders we have now) once challenged, HE CRASHES! Either himself or whoever is challenging him! I hated to see him actually “HURT” but I LOVE to see him crash because he does it to himself and it cracks me up!

      • Courtney says:

        If you you are a RV fan why in the hell are you on this board. It seeemed to me that RV last week could not stay on two wheels. James is far from being washed up. The only reason RV will win this series is due to the fact that all is competition is out. James has not taken anyone out of the race. Like to see you out there riding then we would really get some good laughs.

        Please oh please tell me how James is self centered or did you get confused and mean to say CR? Now that one is in a world of his own.

        Your comments are as ignorant as you are.
        @rick the same to you too!!!!
        When did you become a RV fan ? I bet this year when he started winning . A true fan sticks by their rider win or lose.

        James Stewart Fan for Life !!!1

        • RV fan says:

          HAHA! I have been an RV fan for 3 years. I absolutely LOVED James Stewart first but he got cocky and arrogant. I am not a fan because of wins or losses but because of the person riding. Villopotto won last year too or have you forgotten? He had plenty of competition and he did it without taking anyone out (intentionally). Why would you even bring up last week? Who is the idiot here? 90% of the riders went down last week, maybe even more…..I came on here to check on Stewart. Like I said before, I hate to see him hurt, he is human after all! I did not come on here and call anyone (except Stewart) names and I am sure that you do not know him personally or any better than I do so why would you get so emotional about what I have to say? Calm down! My opinion is not going to change because you called me an idiot! RV is a clean rider. He is polite and never trash talks. When he screws up he admits it. He hardly ever blames his mistakes on others (they all do this occasionally). How long has it been since Stewart had to accept responsibility for ANY mistake made?? I am sorry if that offends you (actually no I am not) but I have no respect for those types of people! And that is why I am not a fan of Stewart any longer.

          • Courtney says:

            So you say you came on here to check on Stewart and then you bash him. You are right I do not know him personally but I do know that he does a lot for his fans and I have not seen him be arrogant at all . He has not blamed his mistakes on anyone this year but once and it was is own team member he has blamed the bike and its set up. Maybe he is just as frustrated with his bike as we all are. No not 90% of the riders went down last week but a lot did. Never said I was trying to change your mind as a RV fan but yes he will win this year due to the fact that CR , Dungey and Stewart are out. See I am not a RV fan but if he had a website I would never go on there and bash him. I do not need to calm down I am just fine. I just hate when haters come on this board and hate on him on his own website. Sounds to me that you choose to go with the rider who is winning that is not a true fan.

        • Courtney says:

          Lay off the stewie pole, will ya?

        • cycleguy says:

          The only reason RV will win is because the competition is out? That is the dumbest comment yet… We all know that buckwheat wouldn’t do it…

  38. H-Man says:

    Get well Bubba.

  39. steveh says:

    Hey James, just a thought, but how about writing off the SX season this year, heal up well and then concentrate on the outdoors? It would make the most sense. It was one of those bad luck years and it happens to everyone and I bet with a fresh start you will kill the outdoors.

  40. Boo Diddy says:

    This has been a tough luck year for you bro. I hope you are well but you and your bro need new bikes from a different manufacturer, especially your brother, dam he can’t even get his bike started half of the time. I wish you well though bro, seeya this summer @ motocross. PEASE!

  41. Courtney says:

    James I hope you are well soon the race was just not the same without you. Keep you head up you have plenty to be Thankful for. Hope to see ya next week take care !!!!

    James Stewart Fan for Life !!!!!!!

  42. Kurtis says:

    Your the fastest rider out there. Get off that yz450f and start winning again. That thing weighs to much and handles to poorly. I remember watching you on the 125s and 250 2t and it just seemed like you could work the bike so much more. I honestly think you would win on a 250 2t. If a kid can come out of nowhere on a $3000 dollar 125 and qualify faster than 18 out of 40 450fs on a muddy track at Daytona I’m pretty sure you would own on a factory built 250 2t. The 4ts are great for a lot of these guys but you ride so much closer to the edge than everyone else you can ride a 2t like its meant to be ridden.

  43. beany says:

    jAMES KEEP YOUR HEAD UP , I KNEW THE REAL #259 AND HIS TWO OLDER BROTHERS AND I WAS #35 AND ALL FIVE HAVE ONE THING THAT WE ALL SHARE . Play chess not checkers , and from all the brothers that missed it by one injury, thanks for your great representation james we are so proud of you . PS tell chad reed, get well but i still wanted you to beat him tbut on the track.

  44. henry says:

    well no need to watch the remainder of the supecross races could give a rats ass wether or not little lepricon wins or loses, maybe he will end up on his head like everyone else, anyway is going to be boring with no suspence of it maybe going down to the wire, i hope you race outdoors, you would kill it man daytona and what you have done in the past outdoors should prove that. keep ya head up bud, new team, different bike, tires, suspention, staff a lot to adapt to with as late as you signed and had time to prepare, talk JGR into throwing those pirellis away there crap tires youll get the title and be back to your old self next year and your true fans will still be around, or tell the sx world to bite the big one and go race nascar.

  45. J Dwyer says:

    I hope you are okay. You are such a die hard rider and a pure joy to watch. Unfortunately luck has not been on your side lately. I hope you are able to come back for the rest of the season. Keep your head up. You are so talented and gifted. Please don’t focus on the past, but look ahead! You’re the BEST!!!!

  46. Louis says:

    Get well James….relax and get back to the old James ……I’m enjoy watching you race…..you make a super difference for Motocross…..See ya next series!!!

  47. Miller330 says:

    James, get well. Get back to your Roots, Cut the hair it will make you feel like a new man. No pressure rest of series
    . Bring back Rick James!

  48. Courtney says:

    Hahahaha! Another crash!

    • Courtney says:

      The only thing I can say to you is that you are one sick person. James had a hard crash which I know was James fault. When you watch any rider crash like he did you do not make a joke out of it. I am not a Chad Reed fan at all but when he crashed I was wishing him the best. These riders go out there for their fans and their love of the sport. They risk their lives everytime they race. When anyone of them gets hurt a true sports fan wishes them the best. You can kiss my ass you bastard!!!!!

      James Stewart Fan for Life !!!

    • H-Man says:

      If they hate then let them hate and watch the money pile up.

    • rick says:

      I couldn’t have said it better myself

  49. anthony garza says:

    its over for bubba, no way of coming back and winning the championship

  50. barry says:

    get well James, don’t let this get you down. Good luck next week, can’t wait to see you blast villipoto.

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